Database annotation features

Simple, focused tool

Database Note Taker is intuitive, quick and easy to use, lowering the barriers to capturing important information about your databases.

Know what to document

Database Note Taker shows you what objects have little or no documentation using simple visual indicators, enabling your team to work through each.

Filter objects to suit your need

Your database may warrant several separate documentation projects - for example, one for each schema. Or you may want to exclude some schemas or objects.

Separate documentation

Your documentation project is separate to your database. No longer do you need to use database extended properties to save short and inaccessible comments

Source control friendly

Database Note Taker project files contain XML designed to be friendly for source control, and optionally you can save each object in a separate file.

Multiple developer friendly

Developers may work on their own database copy. Database Note Taker allows you to store database connection settings separate to your project file, which can be excluded from source control.

Work offline

A live database connection is only required to refresh the Database Note Taker model; subsequent connections are only necessary to refresh.


Focus your attention on a set of objects or attributes by entering a keyword into the search boxes.

History tracking

Know who recorded changes to documentation and when, or disable if you prefer to track changes using your source control system.

Publish to html

Allowing developers, support staff and even customers with quick and easy access to documentation.

Flexible publishing

To suit your needs, provide your own XSL stylesheet to publish in way that suits your requirements.

Open last project on start

Your last documentation project is opened automatically when you start Database Note Taker and you recent projects are all a few clicks away.

Database platform independent

Database Note Taker is not inherently limited to a particular database platform.