Database Note Taker is free, making it easy
to capture and share knowledge about your
databases, simplify database documentation,
and take the guess work out of every day
development with databases.

What is that column for?

Without accurate and meaningful documentation, developers must ask around and guess what tables and columns are for and what kind of data they contain. Even the author may not accurately recall important details and need to dive into code to find out.

Documentation is important. And until now you had to store notes in extended properties with tools that capture too much detail, or you had to use a document editor to write up a formal document which was difficult to keep up to date.

Make documentation simple and easy with Database Note Taker

How does Database Note Taker work?

  • Connect to your database.
  • Refresh with the current structure of your database.
  • Database Note Taker shows where documentation is missing.
  • Add and edit notes for tables, columns, stored procedures and so on.
  • Publish and distribute the documentation.
  • When your database has changed, refresh and add new notes.

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What do you really need to document?

If you’re like us, you don’t actually need to record every minute detail of your database schema because you can access it easily using your preferred database management tool. What is not so accessible is the purpose of database objects, what values mean and what a developer needs to be aware of. That’s often in your developers heads.

Do you need to document metadata about the structure of the database, or do you need a no-fuss way to annotate your schema with information about meaning and purpose so that you can reduce guess work and save time in the future for you, your team and your customers? This is where Database Note Taker helps you.

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